Thursday, October 30, 2008

So I broke down and started a blog!

Yes dont be shocked, but I had to break down and start a family blog! All my wonderful friends have them and I realized how fun it is to be able to see the pictures and read the little blurbs about what is going on! Plus this will be nice for our families to read and see everything as well. As of right now our lives are pretty hectic Tyler is working VERY long hours and doing such a great job at still being an amazing husband and father! Maddex is a SERIOUS monster latley he loves to test his mom and loves to show how smart he is by figureing out how to do things that I had no idea he could possibly open, do, move, lift, well you get the idea. He loves spending time with his dad and as soon as he hears the garage door open he is at the back door waiting for Ty to walk in! He and Tyler share the same strange passion for amphibians and reptiles, so that has been fun for Tyler to teach Mad all that he knows! As for me I am two months away from being a mom of two, I still think I am in a bit of shock! But very excited as well, I cant wait to see if this new little boy looks more like my family or Tyler's family. I am getting Maddex's new room ready and getting things in order for the new baby. We are busy but very happy! It is amazing how if you have a positive attitude and faith to know that things always work out a smile just seems to come over your face!