Thursday, January 7, 2010

Here Comes Santa

Our ward was able to have Santa come to the ward party and Maddex was more than excited! Santa walked past us and Maddex jumped from his chair ran to him grabbed his hand and hugged it so tight. Then when he sat on his lap he asked Santa for some trucks and some transformers! Thank goodness Santa was able to find those things for him. Jett on the other hand was a little bit more contained. He didn't cry but he was ready to get to Momma again.
I will have more Christmas pictures soon.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Birthday Days

As some of you may know my boys are 2 years and one day apart so Maddex's birthday is December 8th and Jett's is the 9th! So this year we had a BIG party! We had presents, a Transformer Pinata, and cake and ice cream it was a BLAST!! Jett really love opening his gifts Maddex has a serious wack at his pinata and literally craped his pants which was hilarious that he hit it that hard but sad cuz he just started crying. Then we had our Cakes Maddex had a Transformer cake with Optimus Prime and he LOVED it! Jett's cake was a basketball and he DOVE into it! It was so much fun and we want to thank everyone who came and shared their birthdays with them!

Since none of the kids were able to break the pinata, they were able to pull these strings and then the candy came out!

He loved his little hat!