Monday, January 24, 2011

Gettin Rocked!

We are finally getting some where! We have got nearly the entire upstairs sheet rocked! (these pics are a few days old so we have more now) My dad came in on Friday and Saturday and started tape and textureing so we are on a roll! Wahoo! Up next.. the basement!

From the new addition Ty built looking at the entry way to the front door! Cute huh! Question? The front room is going to be carpeted but the rest of the upstairs is going to be hardwood. Should the entryway be tile or hardwood?

Looking at the new addition from the dining/kitchen area

Looking at the master bedroom from the far wall, this room is now fully sheetrocked and it looks SUPER small! We are going to have to do some craftiness with our furniture arrangment in this room. We even expanded this room, how did the people before even get a bed in the room the way it was???

My nice master closet! Actually this is bigger than the closet in my house in Kuna! Crazy huh!

Dinning room looking to part of the front room and part of the kitchen. You can also see the master bedroom door.

My Huge kitchen! Oh isn't it lovely!! Under the window on the left is where the sink will be. At the end to the small windows is where the dinning room table with be. Those windows look out to a little porch. So I can see who is coming to my front door!

Kitchen/Dining room looking from those two smaller windows.

I had Ty build in a little linen closet in th bathroom so I can have a cute basket on the bottom full of toilet paper or something then shelves for Towels and up at the very top will probably be where the Medicines are hidden. Right now Maddex thinks it is a fun place to jump out of. Or scare me when I walk around the corner!
There you go! I love seeing the progress, even since I took these pictures more stuff has happend and so we are further and further everyday! WAHOO!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas at the Poole's

So the Monday after Christmas we were able to get together with the Poole side to have our family Christmas and it was a blast! My mom and dad were ambitious enough for some reason to try and get the grandkids to do the Nativity Scene for the audience of their mom and dads. Lets just say that Grandma and Grandpa were a little red and a little sweaty afterwards. But Good Effort! :)

Little Rhett who was a wise man, he did not want to stand there so he sat on his moms lap.

Addison the little angel looking down from above.

Baylee as Mary and Jett as our sweet Joseph. These two were pros they sat there the whole time and were so good and cute to watch!

Maddex as Samuel praying. He had a duel role as a wise man also. He was so sweet he sat up there in this position while my dad read the scriptures about Samuel and Nephi. I was so proud he was not wiggling all over the place!

The whole crew, it was so funny to watch these little kids do this play for us. Some did better than others but hey for all of them being under the age of 5 it deserved 5 stars! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the lesson and the laughs!

The grandparents bought head lamps for all the grandkids. It was so funny to watch the kids running around in the dark with these on.

Jett getting his sweet monster trucks he thought these were pretty rad!

New spiderman Jammies! Grandparents got all the kids new jammies and it was a total hit! They loved them as you can see from the look on Maddex's face!

All the kids in their new jammies so cute huh!

Oh yes um this was gifted from my mom and dad to the boys, yes yes those are superman snuggies! Pretty hysterical huh!

Christmas at the Hone's

This year we were in Boise for Christmas and were able to spend the week at Tyler's parents house. It was so fun to have his mom and dad and brother Brian there with us Christmas morning.

This is the end of it all and we were worn out! I love that I am snuggled up to Jett's pillow pet (which he loves and calls it his babybug) and my adorable quilt that Tyler's mom made!

This is a bear Jett got from Great Grandma and he LOVES it!

Here is Maddex's pillow pet and he has not had a night that he has not slept with out it!

After "Santa" brought the boys their sweet gator tractor they had to take it for a spin! Maddex is actually a super good driver. Jett loves to drive too but he cant quite reach the peddles so Maddex will sit next to him and push the peddle while Jett steers. So sweet huh!

Driving his new remote control car!

Tyler's awesome remote control helicopter that he broke like a half hour later! (thankfully it came with spare parts and he was able to fix it)

Yes that is me holding a dozen cupcakes from none other than GEORGETOWN CUPCAKES in Washington DC! Yep Ty had them overnighted and he surprised me on Christmas with them! Can I just tell they were SOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOD! I miss them already!

Oh yeah! He is a rock star! He loves this thing! However I am counting the days when the batteries go dead :) What was I thinking??

Look at their faces! Maddex was so confused/happy/scared/exstatic, he wasn't sure what to thing. The first thing he says is "What the HECK?" Nice huh! Jett just kept smiling and staring at it! It was so fun to see them so happy!

Christmas Eve we had family movie night it was so perfect I think I want to make that a tradition from now on. All the kids watched Despicable Me (by the way HILARIOUS a must see) they were so good and looked so cute in their Christmas Jammies!

So adorable huh! This is (from the left) Kendall, Jett, Cameron, Maddex and Jaxon. They had so much fun this Christmas with each other!