Monday, November 16, 2009

Halloween was a blast, I love that Maddex is finally getting to understand and realize what was going on. "Hey if I say Trick or Treat I get candy!" This year Maddex was Nemo and Jett was squirt the turtle, they were adorable and they both did really well!

My nephew Dax was a tiger, Maddex thought that he was pretty awesome!


October started off with pink eye then Jett got croupe, then Ty got a severe sinus infection, then Maddex got a double ear infection, then he had an allergic reaction to his ear medication (pic above), then everyone had colds. Let me tell you about sweet little Mad man, he woke up one day and was eating his breakfast just like any normal day when I bent down to kiss him on the head and noticed all these red bumps on his cheeks. I quickly picked him up and looked on his tummy and his back and started to panic when these red bumps COVERED his entire body. I though for sure it was Chicken Pox and then thought how he had been playing with Jett and his cousins all night and that he had infected them as well. So we ran into the clinic they look him over and calm my nerves that it was not chicken pox but that he is allergic to penicillin which is what I have been giving him for a week now because of his ear infection. We got new medicine and came home, the next day he literally looked like a teenager with the WORST acne I have ever seen all over his body!! He wouldn't let me take pictures, he wouldn't look at himself in the mirror, his cousins didn't want to play with him, and it broke his little heart! I cried and got angry but soon I figured I would turn this into a learning experience for all, on how important it is to be nice to EVERYONE all of time. NO MATTER WHAT! It was good for Maddex and I hope it was good for his cousins as well. What a sweet little boy I hope he never has to go through something like that again! It was not a fun month it finally took 3 weeks before everyone was feeling better.

Monday, October 12, 2009

We decided to paint some little pumpkins that the kids were given. It was so fun and they for some reason really liked the color black, so most of the pumpkin was painted black. This is a before picture.

Got them some old t-shirts of Ty's and let them have at it!

Maddex definitly has his dad's art skill he was being very careful to get the entire pumpkin colored, his concentration was really cute!

I painted one for Jett and it was fun for me too!

Here are the finished products from left to right is Jett's, Addison's, Baylee's, and Maddex's

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2 little teeth popped up

Can you see them there on the bottom? 2 little teeth! So this is why my usually happy, sleep through the whole night baby was not sleeping at all and was very crabby!

Mmm gotta love green beans! He is LOVING food!

Some cute pics

Baylee, Maddex, Addison, Dax, and Jett (not so excited) I have been able to watch my nieces 2 times a week while their mom and dad work, and it has been so much fun! Maddex loves to play with them and he is showing Dax the ropes and getting dirty together! They are all best friends and it is a blast to watch them with eachother.

Ty took this pic with his camera and it turned out so nice! What a handsome little man!

Jett is getting so big! He is such a happy baby and is always good to give you a smile! Except of course when you want him to for a picture! Oh well it still turned out nice!

Here is my happy little baby! He loves his tubbies!

Fort "Sort"

So since we have moved to my parents Tyler is not working so that he can spend some time with us before he leaves. But if you know Ty he doesn't really know how to not work, so he with a little help from my dad and Maddex started and finished this Fort/swingset in about 2 weeks! It is incredible, and all the grandkids love it! Maddex doesn't say his "f" sound very well it comes out as the "s" sound so we nicknamed the fort the Sort. Now the projects Ty is working on are my dad's barn building shelves, organizing my dad's junk (or I mean "stuff"), and fixing my mom's closeline. I think my parents are glad he is here becouse he is getting things done that they have been trying to do for some time!

This is the begining stages
Almost done

AND FINISHED! It is pretty cool huh! complete with swings, steeringwheel, slide, pully, and heater!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Roaring Springs, The Zoo and Lots of FUN!

My Mom, Aunt Elaine, and my cousins 2 boys Payson 9, and Kyler 6 were able to come to Boise last weekend. We went to Roaring Springs on Friday and the Zoo on Saturday! It was so much fun I love when family comes to visit! Thanks again for all the fun and definitly all the other stuff you guys helped out with! I love you!

The ZOO!

The Zoo was super fun we went fairly early in the morning and all the animals seemed to be out and active since it wasn't super hot yet.

If you look closely there is a HUGE TIGER hanging out right in front of the glass. This was way cool We were so close and Maddex just stared at him for the longest time. I think he was surprised as we all were how BIG they are!

The lion kept his distance from the fence but he did get up and walk a little closer and as he was Maddex was pulling on me saying "No no mommy yets go, yets go, git back."

Giraffes are so elegant, they walk so gracefully, and then they try to pick something up off the ground and they look very awkward and sadly unstable! It is so cool to see things that live an ocean away from us. There are two giraffes eating leaves behing us.

This is a crazy tall crane, it came up to the fence and we were just watching it do its thing, then all of a sudden it PECKED Payson! Thankfully he couldn't really get through the fence but it startled all of us! Then I started laughing so hard cuz I looked at Payson's face and he was a mixture of anger, and terrified! This is probably the reason Maddex pulled me away when the lion came closer to the fence.

Oh my sweet little Jett, he is the most amazing baby! He is so good to just sit and look at things and hang out with out so much as a wimper. Plus he is just so darn adorable!

The Komodo dragon was one of Maddex's favorites! (Just like his dad) It is so huge it kinda freaks me out! We will NEVER own a komodo dragon. Until the day that Ty brings one home and says "he is so easy to take care of we will just keep him in the backyard and feed him a rabbit once in awhile!"
Payson, Kyler and Maddex had lots of fun on the giraffe slide it si pretty cool!

The only Pic we got of the whole family! Thanks Elaine! We didn't even think about it until we got home and Tyler is not in ANY of the pictures! Sorry Ty if you only trusted me a little bit with your camera we could get some of you next time!

Roaring Springs

Roaring Springs was so much fun, we were there for 5 and a half hours! Yes even with both my kids which they did amazing! Maddex loves water and Jett is learning to love it too. Thanks to my wonderful mother and aunt I was able to go down some of the slides with my cousins and it was like being a kid again. I screamed like a little girl and got butterflies in my stomach it was great.

This slide is called Mammoth Canyon and for a good while you are sliding in the dark then all of a sudden you pop out and go super fast. It is a 4 person tube so Kyler, Payson and I rode this one more than enough times and each time it was scary to be in the pitch black for so long!

Maddex and I being silly he thought this was so funny!

We were able to race down this slide together and for some reason the heavier person always won? Hmph! Even Maddex raced down this slide he was scared at first but by the bottom had a huge grin. He is definitly my little daredevil!

Speaking of daredevil, he is fearless in the water and loves this wave pool. Which is scary cuz even I lose my balance in the waves.

The kiddie area at Roaring springs is great, he could play in that same place for hours on end!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

So here is the story!

The Hone family has a lot of changes coming up in the future, it is going to be exciting and terrifying all at the same time. Tyler joined the Air Force and has been called to go to Basic Training in Lackland (San Antonio) Texas on November 2. Since the economy sucks and there is very little business to gain anymore over here in Boise, we decided to move over to Blackfoot on September 5. Which while Ty is gone me and the boys were going to do anyway. Tyler will be gone to BT for 8.5 weeks and then to Tech school (also in Texas) for up to 6 months. Then after that we have 3 possible places that we could end up #1 Ogden, UT (our first choice) #2 Mountain Home, ID and #3 Honolulu, HI (fun but to far away). We are excited for this new chapter in our lives and are very grateful for all the blessings we have received in our lives. We have had a great first few years and now it is time for a change. I am so proud of Tyler he has made some hard decisions this past year and I am grateful to those decisions. I am also grateful to be his wife and proud to have him be such an amazing example to our children. You should have heard how badly the Air Force wanted him! They could see his potential just as clear as day! We are excited, nervous, anxious, terrified, and happy all wrapped up! Thanks to all our friends and especially our families! WISH US LUCK!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Big Finish

This last weekend we went camping AGAIN, but this time it was with my family. We always go to the same campground called Morman Bend just beyond Stanley. It has been tradition since... well since I can remember, I love it! I also love that I am getting to share those traditions with my own family! It was a blast and I just love spending time with everyone!

We rafted the river and although it was very cold it was very fun! Maddex had a blast with grandpa and nearly fell asleep on the slow parts!

Addi, Maddex, and Baylee were so filthy every day from playing in the dirt and sand! (Thank goodness for hot springs!) Uh yes Maddex does have a dirt mustache and goatee, he is a boy get over it!

Jett was having fun in the sand and really liked digging his feet into the mud. He was not a huge fan of the cold cold water but he soon got used to it!

After playing in the sand my fat rolly polly son had sand in places I can not mention, so we stuck him in a bucket and let him splash while we washed him off.

We always go fishing and usually I do really well, this year I was more concerned with not falling in while holding one of my children in my arms. So this is the only fish I got to reel in! It was fun to see Maddex's face when we finally caught a fish!

Maddex LOVED to watch his daddy catch all the fish especially the "big one" as Mad put it (only like 8")! This pic he is yelling WAHOO! He is very proud to have such an awesome Dad!

All the grandkiddos except Jett and new baby to come in Dec. They were racing and that was just a fiasco but very hilarious! Down the line starting on the left. Dax, Addison, Baylee, and Maddex.

Maddex getting ready to go "Shishing" with his Batman "Shishing pole"

Addi had a princess pole Baylee had a Dora the Explorer pole and Maddex with his Batman pole. Take a look at Addi with her hand in her pocket like "Please I am a professional, I do this all the time!"

The teeny tiny fish Chris caught for the kids. Good thing they didn't care they just thought it was SO cool!

More hot springs pics this is Maddex jumping off a rock into a not very deep pool, What can I say he is just a daredevil. He loves life and tries it all!

I am pretty sure Maddex almost gave my Dad a heart attack jumping off those rocks!

I know I am risking my life and will certainly be disowned for posting this picture of us in the hot springs but I like it and I think Dax's, Crystal's and my face are priceless in this pic!

First thing Maddex does when we get to the campsite is run to the water and of course falls in. Fully clothed and drenched from head to toe, a great beginning to a great weekend.
Thanks Poole family it is always a blast and I love you all! Cant wait for next year, only 358ish days until we do it all over again!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

More Camping Pics

Maddex is just loving the camera

Jett's "Dungeon"! He liked to just sit and play but the bugs were so bad we had to put a blanket over the top.

Brenna showing Maddex and Ian a "Catherpeeller" caterpillar.

Just hanging out before bed

The sweet hotsprings! This is Me, Ty, Jett, (nephews) Logan, Jonah

"Look Mom no legs" I love this picture, he just looks hilarious!