Friday, December 31, 2010

Going UP!

Sorry it has been awhile since I updated about the house but we have had a busy few weeks! However the house is coming along and it is going up nicely! Thanks to some remarkable help and I am still amazed at the things Tyler can do! Seriously he is amazing!

Also Maddex has been a huge help he goes into the house often and "helps"! He just like being around his dad and feeling important, he is acutally a really big help with pulling nails out that are low to the ground!

Ok so here is where we left off this is from the dinning room facing toward the soon to be master and the kitchen.

Now this is what it looks like! See how we have extended the Master bedroom wall out a bit and you can see where the door will be. Also there is a closet on the other side of that cement chimney thing that we couldn't take down but it actually worked out perfectly to extend from that to the bathroom wall and make it a closet!

Through the kitchen. About where I am standing will be a large island going out toward the boysish.

Now to the new addition! This is from the far corner of the addition soon to be living room. You are looking at the new front door area. Where Ty is standing will be an entry way with a cute bench and hooks and a place for every one's shoes!

New front porch and front door! The two big posts in the front will be pillars with cute fencing around. It will match on the other side but you cant see it because it is behind the plywood.

Side view, also if you can picture where the entry way is there will be another small window in that area.
What do you think so far? I am glad it is coming along and seems to be going rather fast! Thanks for the help from everyone! I am sure glad to have Tyler who can do it all and do it well!

December 2010

December came and went in about the blink of an eye! I felt like we were busy every single day, with birthdays, snow days, sick days, holidays, and more! Well have a look for your self!

Started out with lots of snow that proved to be LOTS of fun for the boys! Grandpa and Maddex made an adorable snowman one moring and Maddex was SO proud!

Then we got to see Santa and surprisingly Jett was not to afraid this year!

Maddex is never afraid, he just jumps up there and yells "I want a train and a fourwheeler!" Says thanks and hopps down!

Jett got his very first haircut! Yes he is 2 years old and has NEVER had his hair cut, my kids just dont grow hair for the longest time?

He did so good, he didn't wiggle or get afraid or anything! It was really cute to watch him!

Then the day before their birthdays (which are the 8th and 9th) each of my boys got STREP THROAT! ARGH! So we had to cancel their birthday party and we were all sad.

So we still had some cake and icecream (which late was thrown up by the boys). As you can see Maddex is not his normal self he really did not feel well! But dont you love their cakes! Jett's was a turtle and Maddex's was Thomas the Train because for some reason he is obsessed with it right now?

Not happy and not feeling well at all!

Their main gift was this awesome train table that they love to play with and have had countless hours of imagination and creation time! It is super fun to see what each of them do and pretend!

We got to go to Salt Lake and see the lights with my family and it was so much fun. We also went to Music and the Spoken Word on Sunday morning and it was beautiful!! I love music it was so incredible to hear it right there!

We had some fun in the Hotel rooms :)

The Whole family at the lights in Temple Square! Thanks Mom and Dad for getting this together and for the fun memories!

It was a little chilly but we bundled up and it was actually quite pleasant! Even my boys had a fun time seeing all the lights and the beautiful temple!

The BEAUTIFUL Salt Lake City Temple!
Some more fun in the snow! This is Maddex and Baylee then Dax and Addison being pulled by the fourwheeler it was so fun and they had a blast!

Jett rides the fourwheeler because he doesn't have gloves that he can grip anything with so he rides and I think he likes that better anyway! This is Mad and Dax being pulled, they are the best of buddies and it is so fun to watch them hang out together!

Our Christmas Pic!
Merry Christmas!
I will have another post of just Christmas coming soon!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 11 (whats in my makeup bag)

I dont wear a ton of makeup but I do wear a ton of mascara to make my eyes bigger. So my favorite thing in my makeup bag is my Loreal Volumize Mascara and I LOVE this stuff! I also found so me new eye shadow that is shiny and very pretty. Bonus was that it was from family doller so it was very inexpensive! I also have a eyelash curler and can not go anywhere with out that because my lashes grow straight out and it looks very funn if they are not curled. Other than that there is not much anything else!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 10 (Favorite Place to Eat)

Hmm I dont have pic of all my faves but I can tell you about them!

Favorite sorta fast food place is either Five Guys Burger and Fries or Costa Vida mmmm so yummy!

Favorite nice sit down place to eat would be either Olive Garden, Cheesecake Factory, or PF Changes! Yes PLEASE!

Favorite place in my little town to eat is definitly RUPES BURGERS! There are more memories in that place than I can count on my hands and toes most of them in High School since that was the best hang out. But now I have some of my own family and of Tyler and I! BONUS It is less than a mile away from our new house that we will live in after we are done remodeling it! Yahoo for rootbeer flavored icecream cones!


I am skipping days 8 and 9 because no one should have expeiranced the mood I had on day 8 and day 9 I cant put a pic up because that would give away some secret Christmas shopping!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 7 (dream wedding)

Already had it! The only thing I would change would be the weather, it was supposed to be this very beautiful outdoor wedding. But when it came time for the reception it did not happen so we moved to the old church. I was not happy but it was still very pretty!

From the time we were done with the temple and driving home it went from beautiful sunshine to clouds and down about 45 degrees!

Day 6 (pet I would like to have)

I have a dog and that is all I really ever want as a pet.

Tyler on the other hand would like horses, and any reptile you can imagine! NO THANKS!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 5 (pics of myself 2 years ago)

So this is a few pics of myself and my family two years ago. This is the year that we found out I was prego with Jett!

This was at my cousins wedding, I had just barely found out and told people other than my family that we were expecting. Look how little Maddex looks!

This was in August and I was gaining weight quickly now, so you can see my tummy was starting to get bigger and bigger!

This was around Thanksgiving we were let Maddex open his birthday presents from my side of the family. Here I look large and in charge!

Here we are around Christmas time, Jett was a few weeks old and we were happy to have him! I think I look like a vampire in this pic with how pasty white I was! Yikes!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 4 (pic of best friend)

So I took this as a pick of your best friend who is not married to you.
This is my best friend Chelsea and her family, her husband Andre and their little boy who is 2 years old now named Keaton.
Chelsea and I were the duo in high school that if we were not around eachother people thought something was wrong with the world! She and I went through some intense life changing, and learning expeirances, many boyfriends, hard times, and the best of times! I honestly can say that I am the person today because I had her in my life, she helped me grow up. Her husband is in the airforce and they moved to JAPAN this summer ya thats right JAPAN! Do you know how much it would cost to fly to Japan? Like $1100 buckeroos! So lets just say that I really really really really miss her! But I am also very proud of her, she is in a new country and just learned she is prego! Wow huh! Well so that is us! I wish I had some pics of us but they are all in storage maybe someday I will embarrase both of us and put some up here!
Love You Chels!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 3 (perfect date)

April 23, cuz it is not to hot not to cold all you need is a light jacket!

Or since I am married and have been now for 5 and a half years dates are in rare form! Also I have a husband who is extremely amazing in most areas of life, marriage, daddyhood, and more but not so hot when it comes to the romance thing! So here is what I would like...

I would like Tyler to start the day by saying lets play hookie and I wont go to work so you can sleep in. All the while having had this planned for weeks! So while I am sleeping he takes our children to a babysitters. Comes home lets me in on the plan that we have the whole day to ourselves and we sit in bed eating breakfast and talking for hours. Then he says get ready for the day so we can go out. I do as does he. Then we go to a nice restaurant and have pleasant conversation, when dinner is over we go get ice cream because it is so warm outside. We take our ice cream up to a very high mountain overlooking the city and eat it continuing our pleasant conversation! As we go home we pick up our children and come home to play with them for awhile before putting them snuggly in their beds and he and I go to the couch to watch a movie and eat some popcorn. We cuddle, we kiss, we... well you can come up with the ending! That is a perfect day date!

I am not so high maintenance am I?

Or he could surprise me with a cruise that would work too!

That is a tiny bit up there!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 2 (something I ate or drank)

This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen on days that I am stressed, or the kids have been crazy, or I cleaned the house and need a reward, or just because I feel like it! And today is all of the above! It is Maddex's birthday and Jett's is tomorrow so we are having a party tonight... but Maddex woke up this morning puking and running a super high fever SO the party may have be postponed! And so pepsi is my sancutary, my shelter from the storm, my lover, mine oh mine! Ahhh isn't it refreashing!

Jett Neil Hone are you 2 already?!

On December 9th 2008 mommy went in for her check up still having 3 weeks before you were supposed to be born. And she heard a familiar sound come from her doctor. She heard this sound when she went in for a checkup with your brother and he said mommy was sick and needed to have the baby NOW! So a few minutes later mommy was hooked up to all sorts of machines and IVs and the nurses and doctor said sit tight cuz you are going to have a baby today! Mommy and Daddy were scarred, nervous, but most of all excited!

At 10:31 12 hours after I had went to the docs office you were placed in my arms! This 5lbs 10oz wiggly pink beautiful little boy! I cried and was so relived that you were healthy!

Minutes after you were born, you still have the gross white stuff on you! Yucky!

Mommy finally got to hold you and you were so perfect you opened your eyes and everything! Notice here how red and gross mommy looks ya that is cuz I was being pumped full of lots of drugs and mommies body was not happy about it!
Look how even at a few minutes old your eyes are so bright!

All nice and bundled, you were one day old here!

This is the day we brought you home, Maddex was so excited to have his baby brother home!

My 3 boys! Maddex loved you from the very start and he has been a great big brother!

Daddy was so excited to have another boy so you and Maddex could be good friends! He is such a good daddy!

The best Christmas gift we got in 2008 was YOU!

The day you were blessed, such a handsome little stud!

You very quickly packed on the pounds! I love your chubby cheeks!

Big bright eyes!

Still a stud muffin and still have those big bright eyes that got me from the beginning!
I am so glad that I am your mommy, I am so thankful that Heavenly Father thought me and your dad would be good enough for you! I love how smart you are, how you play so well with your big brother, how you love to cuddle with me and that smile and laugh can make the whole room around you light up! Mom and Dad LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Maddex Tyler Hone I cant believ your 4!

This is when we found out we were having a sweet little boy. Little did we know that you were going to be SO much fun and a little crazy! But we loved you from the moment we knew you were in there, and still do!

This was a week before you were born and I thought I still had plenty of time because I was 33 weeks along! Then came December 8th 2006 1:10pm and all of a sudden you were in my arms!

Here you are a few hours after you were born and you were so tiny! 4lbs. 2oz. and shrinking! This was while you were still in the newborn nursery.

This was the first time mommy got to hold you and you were down in the NICU. To be honest mommy was still VERY out of it but I still remember holding you and the feeling I got! Pure Love... then a little nausea!

Your pacifier almost swallowed you up, that is how tiny you were! But you sure did love that thing and mommy was very grateful!

You were on your way home. See how this preemie outfit barely fits your little body! The day we brought you home you weighed 3lbs, 10oz!
The pictures are kinda out of order now.
We finally got you home after you were in the NICU for about a week and daddy loved holding you! I love how his hands look so huge next to your little body! Look at your little feeties!

When you were in the NICU you had to have a feeding tube and it was the saddest looking thing ever. But thankfully that was the worst that you had. For that mom and dad are forever grateful! You were still so handsome!

And now look at you!

Maddex I am so thankful that you are in our lives and that we are blessed to be your mom and dad! I am so proud of you! You are so smart, kind hearted, talented, and so so funny! Mom and Dad LOVE YOU SO MUCH!