Thursday, October 28, 2010

Isn't it about time?

Ok so I need a vent session! Don't read this if you don't care or don't want to hear a grown women complain. So for about a year and a half now things have NOT gone as hoped, planned, wanted, explained, desired, needed, etc. etc. and frankly I am a little SICK and TIRED of it! (I am actually pounding on the keys on this keyboard!) WHEN WILL IT CHANGE? Yes I know "everything happens for a reason" and "dont worry things will always work out" and "there is always someone who has it worse off than you" ya ya I KNOW all these things but it has been a over a year and we are still living with my parents we still haven't found Tyler a job that pays him what we need and what he deserves with benefits and that makes him happy? We are still sitting in lala land trying to figure this stupid crap out! I am running out of patience I am starting to NOT be a good mommy and wife! I also have looked for a part time job but to no avail! Oh and I swear that my kids are just here to see how long it takes to break me! Have any of you out there tried to raise your kids with grandma and grandpa around, it is no easy task! I don't blame my mom and dad they are just being grandma and grandpa (as I would want them to be). It is just I don't want them to have to help discipline and I don't want them to have to see my kids misbehave ALL the time. I want them to think that these little boys are fun and nice not crazy and loud! I also wish that Ty didn't come home stressed and worried, I want him to come home excited and happy to see us! With dinner cooking and his children quietly playing together. ok ok so that rarely happened before but I was doing better on making home a calm place for Tyler to walk into. So what do I do? Continue and hope things get better like I have been for over a year? With a fake smile on my face and tears behind my eyes? OR....kick my self in the butt and be BETTER! Don't give up, don't lose faith, don't forget the positives in life, don't dwell on the past or on the negative, don't let myself be the one to bring myself down, DO better, do be happy that I have a husband that works his ace off every single minute of the day, do be happy that my children have the sweetest little hearts and even though the drive me literally a little insane they make my life worth more, do be happy that even though I am roomies with my madre and padre they are there for me and my family whenever we need it, do be happy to have my family so close to us, do be happy, do be more, DO SOMETHING!

fhew! I needed to get that out! If only keyboards could YELL huh!
So now that most of you know that I am a little coo cuckooo do you know of a part time job that is available? By the way if you want to host a Cents of Style party we have new Fall Inventory! :) Just give me a shout!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Some pics I found on my camera!

These are some random pics from the Fair in September. I just found them on my camera and thought some of them were pretty darn cute! Oh man I just LOVE the Fair!

Maddex liked this little train ride I think because it was not quite as exciting as the other things he rode that day.

Even Jett got to ride it for a little bit!

Jett was a little cautious at first with all the animals running around at the Petting Zoo but soon he was like ok they just want this food stuff I have in my hands so he went around shoving the little cup into every goats mouth!

Not really paying attention to the goat that has come to sneak some more food.

Stretch those little arms Jett and stretch that neck little goat! Your almost there!

Ok so we got Maddex a wrist band in hopes that we would get our moneys worth, needless to say we DID! He rode most of the rides that he was tall enough for but we definitely got our money worth from him riding this dragon roller coaster! He LOVED it! We would beg him to go and try another ride but as soon as he did he was back on this little coaster! He must have rode this thing10 times that day!

Even late into the night he was STILL riding this thing! I love his huge smile!

He got to ride in the front and I think that was his favorite because every time it would go up his eyes would get small and then on the way down his eyes would be HUGE! It was fun to see him having so much fun, and I am glad that nothing scares this kid! (well most of the time I am glad)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Boys and their Tractors!

Tyler's new job has him working with some big machinery and we thought the boys might like to see these big Tractors. So we headed off to the job site and by the time we headed home we were dusty and Jett had had survived a mini heart attack!
If you look real close Maddex is sitting in the bucket of the trackho, ya we are good parents!
Hanging out before Daddy took him for a ride in the bucket
Jett was not a fan when Ty lifted the bucket up.

Ok safely back on the ground!
Dumping some dirt
Busy working!
Going up
Coming down, both boys were a little nervous when they were coming back down. Maddex just kept saying " Whoa be careful daddy you don't want to crash us!"
Group pic!
All in all it was a fun day! I love that my boys think their dad is the coolest man alive! I hope that Tyler know how much they love him and how much of a hero he is in their eyes! He is an amazing dad and a great husband! We are a VERY lucky family!

Hand feeding our Cows

Maddex has made some new friends! These cows will actually come right up to Mad becouse they know he is always going to give them some yummy apples!

Since being back in Idaho we have been busy spending time with family and friends. When we moved back here we still didn't have a place so we are living with my folks and my kids LOVE it! They love hanging out with Grandpa and Grandma, and it is so nice to watch them explore, learn and grow up. I forget how much I love "home" sometimes, but I after being on the east coast I certainly wont forget for awhile! WE have all the best thing here!
Maddex and Jett "helping" grandpa fix pipe in the cow pasture. I think sometimes my dad would like a little less help but he is so great about letting them help and teach them things.
Grandpa's shadows
Jett very upset with the cow because he kept getting out and we would have to chase him back into the fence!
We have had some uncharacteristic weather here for this time of year and so we are taking FULL advantage of it! We have watched many shows outside on our screen and it is so pleasant! Just get your blanket, a comfy chair, and a few treats...perfect!
All the grandboys! This night we watched Toy Story now that is some entertainment!

Driving Home

This is how the boys slept every night at the different hotels on our way back to Idaho. They were so good to just hang out on the drive. We really have great kids, I thought for sure this drive home was going to be a nightmare but they each did so well. Thanks to DVD players though! Seriously how did our parents do it??