Monday, August 16, 2010


Once upon a time a twenty something girl traveled to a magical place called New York City, she was in search of her long lost love from years past. She knew they were meant to be together and hoped that this city would be the place she met her love again!

She had heard of a large green lady who could see far beyond the waters and the city, she hoped that this green lady could help her find her love.

Unfortunately this green lady known as Liberty although beautiful was no help for this girl. So she continued on her journey to a strange train that she heard could take her to a place that once held the title for "Tallest building on Earth". She hoped that if she could reach the top she just might be able to spot her love below.

While on this train she felt like dancing, so she did! Don't judge!

While this building was incredible tall and made her ears pop several times going up the elevator, the city was far to muggy and overcast to see much.

......But wait could it be .... she rushed to the edge..... is it him?

She hurried down the elevator and ran through the town to where the lights were so bright.

She searched and searched until she had almost given up. Then out of the corner of her eye she ... SAW HIM! He was tall and handsome and looked as if he was searching for her too!

They ran to each other! When they met they melted to one another and he took her in his strong manly arms and dipped her into the most romantic kiss she had ever received before!
(Which is kind of a lot so this was a spectacular kiss)

She knew that from that day forward they would love each other and never get lost from one another again! She loves him and he loves her and they TOGETHER had a blast in New York City!


Friday, August 13, 2010


Once again I have been overcome by a teen fiction series! These books are well written I have been watching my back in the real world because I feel like I am the lead character in these books! I have read until wee hours in the morning, neglected my children, my house in unsightly and my husband well he is lonely! Do I regret it NO, these books are incredible, the third book comes out on August 24th and I CAN NOT WAIT! Thank you to the girl who recommended this series to me and I apologize to all you who will now have neglected you life becouse of them!

Dont hate me but I like this better than Twilight, ya ya I said it! Read them and decide for your self!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Jett Falling Asleep!

We went to the pool the other day, we stayed way past nap time and my kids were exhausted when we got home. Jett was especcially tired and he fought to try to stay awake the whole walk back to our house!

Riding the Metro

Sitting waiting for our next train to come, this underground tunnel was HUGE and kinda pretty!

Here it is! It comes SO Fast fast fast!

Loud whistle scared Maddex a little bit!

I was nervous that with 2 kids a stroller and small spaces on the metro was going to be a disaster but thankfully it was not to bad. My children are incredible, they did so good all day in DC with no naps even! I love these little munchkins SO MUCH!
This week we took a trip to the Washington DC Zoo, it took a while to get there because we rode the Metro and that is a whole different post! The Zoo was incredible, it was huge and beautiful and the animals had large gorgeous habitats to roam around in! Also I realized as I was posting these pic that most of them are of the backs of my kiddos heads... so dont judge my photography skills! It is not easy getting a curious 3 year old to pay attention to the camera when there is cool animals right behind him!

We got to the "Big Cat" Habitats near the end of our day and it looked like they were hungery! This Tiger just kept paceing back and forth waiting for something to do or eat.

The lioness were so big and pretty this particular one was standing staring at the entrance to their habitat.... see next pic for further explanation.

You can just see this other lioness down by the door, she just paced back and forth climbed to look out the windows then would continue to pace. They were hungery! All I could think was I would not want to be the keeper that has to feed 3 waiting and hungrey lions! Yikes!!

Here is "Big Pappa" this guy was GIGANTIC! I was stunned how big he was and how beautiful he looked Jett just kept saying "Whoa" when he would walk over by us.

Maddex and Jett checking this iguana out. Maddex thought it was a dinosaur and was very concerned that it was dead.

I kinda was concerned myself, he either is incredibly comfortable or he really could be dead!

This was our highlight, this lady gorrilla had just had a baby a few weeks ago and it was finally out and about. So Cute! They were all tucked away and then mommy decided to go climb a tree, it was so adorable to watch the baby try to climb the tree with mommy. She eventually got frustrated with waiting for the baby, grabbed a hold of it and yanked it up next to her. Super funny becouse I know what she feels like and if she could have rolled her eyes she probably would have!

Coming out of their tucked away hiding place!

Here was one of Maddex's favorite animals, he watched this Elephant for awhile. He like watching him pick things up with his trunk.

Big big big snake! Maddex gets right up there close and Jett always stays back a little bit. I like having a least one cautious child!
This was another super fun adventure and I am glad we did it! I love going to different places and see new sights with my family!