Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Halloween Fun

Halloween felt like it was 4 days long this year we started by Maddex's preschool party on Thursday, then our ward party and trunk or treat on Friday, Tyler and I had an adults only party on Saturday, Sunday was full of eating all the candy and then finally it was Halloween on Monday and we visited the great grandparents and a few family friends. It was a busy holiday this year!
Super hero family! Batman and Robin, Bumblebee and Optimus Prime from Transformers!
Princess Ariel (our niece Baylee) holding little kitty Savanna! She was so good at holding her even though she was a wiggle worm.
Jett was holding Rhett against the wall so we could try to get some pic of all the cousins.
Big Brother helper Maddex Prime he loves his lil sis even if her pretends to be to cool for her.
All the kiddos Maddex Prime, Jett Bumblebee, Rhett Nemo, Addison Princess Tiana, Dax Prime, Baylee Princess Ariel, and Savanna a little kitty!
My children are so photogenic huh!
Her shirt say "Daddy thinks I am Purrrrfect", and it has a cat on it! She was not amused.
Going to preshcool!

We kinda had a hard time getting Tyler to dress up but in the end he was a good sport and it was so much fun to let loose and play around!

Just pics of our little girl

First day home!
Mommy got her all dressed up for no reason other than it was cute!
Trying to get a cute pose!
Big brother Jett adoring her, he was just talking her ear off!
I think she probably had a bubble but I will pretend she was smiling to me!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Savanna Marie Hone 08-30-2011

Ok here comes a super long post, starting from all the way back to Saturday August 27th. I had not been feeling very well for a few weeks, I was having really bad headaches and my entire body itched uncontrollably. Having had these symptoms before in each of my other pregnancies I knew what was coming. I wanted to hold off as long as I could so that I #1 didn't have to be put on bed rest if it wasn't that bad yet and #2 I could let my baby grow in my tummy longer before she had to come to the world if it was really that bad. Well so Saturday I tried to just rest and let my body relax but the headaches wouldn't go away and they were getting worse which meant that my blood pressure was getting higher and higher. I did however make it until Sunday but I soon realized that it was not going to get better so I called my sis in law to take my blood pressure (she works at Bingham Hospital) so she takes it and it is 195/123! Which means I needed to get to the doc pretty quick, thankfully my OB Doctor was on call at Portneuf that night and he said get your butt down her now! So Ty and I jump in our car and get admitted to the hospital, at one point in the night my BP is 203/164, NOT GOOD! I actually lost my vision, like seriously I went blind! I could barely see colors but I couldn't see shapes or people or anything! It was so scary! My dad and brothers and Tyler gave me a blessing which calmed and comforted me I am so grateful for them and for the priesthood powers and for this gospel! I then get some medicine and several steroid shots to try and make my body stop releasing toxins and get settled down but it doesn't and my doc says that baby needs to be born. By this time it is Tuesday Am sometime not really sure? But I ended up having a C-section and she was born at 9:02am. Instantly my blood pressure goes down my vision is fully restored and I feel like nothing happened. Pretty crazy how having her is the cure for preeclampsia/toximia. If I can describe it, it is like all of a sudden my body is allergic to being pregnant and so it goes BIZERK! But now comes the real miracle story of miss Savanna...
Savanna Marie Hone born at 9:02am Tuesday August 30th. Weighing 2Lbs 14Oz and 15 3/4ths inches long. So right from my c-section they pass her through a window into the NICU rooms and they get to work on her. (Mind you I am still being sewn back up so this is relayed to me from Tyler who went with her while I was in the recovery room) She had to have an IV which her little veins were so small they would burst every time they tried to get one in so she had to have it in her head. But she was doing really well breathing at first and they were able to keep her stable. For 36 hours she breathed with nothing but a little bit of oxygen but then her left little lung got tired out and it collapsed. The pediatricians were incredible they immediately knew what had happened and they intubated her which means they put a breathing tube down her throat and put a chest tube in. A chest tube is a tube that goes into her body from her side between her ribs to help inflate her lung again, then they had to put another tube that goes in to her body from her chest to help the air that escaped from her lung to the inside of her body leak out so it doesn't harm more organs. Finally she is stable from that ordeal, she is on the ventilator and has the chest tube for 3 days and her lung is strong and healed up so then on Saturday they take her off the ventilator and are able to remove her chest tubes. So she is on the cpap machine which allows her to breath on her own or if she is tired it still helps her breath when she needs it. But she does not like that machine and tries to pull it of her face, almost as if she is saying I dont need this thing I can breath just fine Thankyou! (the docs and nurses say she is a bit feisty, I have NO idea where she gets it from? (: ) So thankfully Sunday she is off the cpap and just has a nasal cannuala which just gives her a little oxygen and we get to hold her for the first time. It literally felt like I was holding a wadded up blanket she is so small! Then on Monday she decides she doesn't want any oxygen help anymore and actually yanks that tube off all by herself. So now it is Tuesday and she is breathing all on her own and only has a feeding tube. She is a week old and has made more progress than some of the babies that have been in there for a month! We are so thankfull and feel so blessed!!! We are lucky to have such an amazing support group of family and friends
This is me being sicker than a dog on my cocktail of medications!
This was a few hours after she was born, she did really good and was breathing on her own but then she needed a little bit of assistance so they put this cpap machine on her. She LOVES her tummy!

First time I got to see her, I didn't know whether to be happy cuz I was feeling better or to cry because now my baby was not doing so well. So I cried any way and thats why I am turned away from the camera on the second pic. I just wanted to hold her and they told me I couldn't for a few days!
Then our worst nightmare happened and I walked in to her section of the nicu to find doctors and nurses and tons of other people huddled around her tiny body. This is the after pic of her lung collapsing. She is on a ventilator down her throat, she has a chest tube through her side going into her lung between her ribs, IVs going in through her head and through her arm. It was the saddest thing I have ever seen!
After she was able to come off her ventilator and off the cpap, I think she looks so pretty in this picture. (if you will excuse the spit bubbles, the oxygen through her nose made he have a ton of saliva)
The first time the boys got to see her, Maddex was very curious. He just kept asking question about what everything was and what it was doing to her and why she needed it. It was cute to see how concerned he was for her to get better.
Jett was a lot more reserved and he just kept saying "Daddy I want to hold her, I want to touch her!" But of course he couldn't and it broke our hearts to tell him he couldn't touch his sister. So then he kinda got frustrated and said "Daddy just TAKE her, lets just take her home!" Like he wanted to steal his own little sister, it was so sweet!
First time we got to hold her,, it was such a relief when they said we could finally hold her! Best feeling ever!

Still had her oxygen in but at least we were able to have her close to us!

So thats the story, we are very grateful and blessed to have her here, it is amazing how she just fits in with her sassy personality and we love her so much!

Summer 2011 in Review

Summer was a blast for us this year, it always seems to go by way to fast but we had good times. Here are a few of the things we did and it is a pretty short post but lots of pics!
We started the summer off by going camping with our friends the Wards and the Jones to our favorite spot Baumgartner campground. The kids had a blast and I love that they love being outside and exploring!
Levi found a snake, well actually his son Tavin did cuz he nearly stepped right on it! So we stuck in a bucket and let the kids watch it for awhile. This is Maddex, Jett, Tavin, and Bailey even though we dont see them very much they are still best buds as soon as they get together!
All the gang! Bailey, Russ, Mason, Katie, Tyler, Katie, Jett, Maddex, Tavin, and Levi. We love this hot spring that they have made into a pool at the campground. Ahh so nice right before bed to get the kids somewhat clean and really tired!
Maddex showing off his tricks, this is his front flip from the side of the pool! Ya he is crazy like that!
Then Tyler's sister and her family came to visit from Colorado and his parents came from Boise. We were able to do so much in a short week but the most fun was sitting at home and just watching the kids play. They had tons of fun together and Maddex really misses his cousins when they leave!
Dinner and a full house! We had 14 people in our tiny house and ONE bathroom! Dont ask me how we did it?
Jett, Baya, and Hunter are all about the same age and they loved these rocks, it was to cute to watch them play and have fun together!
We were able to go to Yellowstone National Park and check some animals and geysers out. I haven't been there in forever so it was fun to see how it has changed and how it hasn't changed. Maddex and Jett's favorite part were the Bison, they were everywhere even on the roads and they thought that was pretty cool!
We saw lots of beautiful scenery and amazing geysers and the colors of some of the pools were incredible. We saw Old Faithful and I forgot how cool that really was to see. Thanks Hones and Croker families we loved having you and miss you tons!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Emergency Room and Easter Fun

So April was a fun month (we moved into our own place!) but the ending was by far the most exciting part. We had our first trip to the Emergency Room for an injury (how we have made it this far is beyond me). Here is the story...
Thursday night our family took a trip to Idaho Falls for a few errands and while at Lowes Tyler saw there cute bright red metal shovels (yes I said metal not fun/safe plastic)
Tyler:"Hey Kate lets get these for the boys so they can help me in the yard"
Me: (Flash of them fighting and one getting a big bonk on the head.)"Um I dont think so.
Tyler: "Oh dont worry they need them to help me in the yard"
Me: (Reluctantly) "Ok sure"
Friday, I am getting ready for the evening because I have a fun dinner with my friends (girls night) the boys are playing outside. I had forgotten about the shovels. I am sitting talking to my Mom on the phone when I hear Jett start to cry, not a big deal because he cries outside whenever Maddex pushes him doesn't let him have the ball ect. ect. BUT then I hear Maddex cry/scream so I am bit worried that they both are crying. I go outside and here comes Jett blood dripping down his face Maddex white as a ghost screaming "I am so sorry oh my gosh he is got blood oh my gosh I am so sorry please dont spank my oh my gosh I love you Jett I am so sorry" Anyway to make this long story short Jett was standing in front of Maddex observing him shovel a hole and when Maddex brought the shovel up to throw the dirt somewhere else it hit Jett right between the eyes. I cleaned it up and realized that a bandaid was prob not going to fix this. So off to the hospital we went (I would have gone to my pediatrician but of course it is 5:05 on a Friday so option out). Jett hardly cried after I cleaned him and I put an ice cube against it. Maddex took awhile before he settled down (I was glad he at least felt bad) later I found out that he thought the police were going to come and get him. It was a bit funny. Anyway here is Jett at the hospital getting some numbing medicine on his ouwie.
I think by this picture he was ready to go home and relax for a little bit
The next day. He was back to his normal happy little Jetters! But he did look like something from Star Trek the way his face was so swollen! PS I still made it to my girls night, momma needed a pepsi!

Finding the goodies in their baskets!
Checking out each others loot!
Their Easter outfits New white shirts and ties so cute huh!
Easter Egg hunt at grandmas, all the grand kids waiting sort of patiently!
Wheres my EGG?

Looking for eggs note there is a blue one on the fire place he walked past like 50 times!!!
Whats inside? Candy and coins for their piggy banks! They loved it and we enjoyed the nice weather!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Patience is a Virtue, or so I have been told!

Ok ok so yes I have slacked off for about a month now on the whole blog thing, but I promise new pics of the house (yes we have finally moved in) of the boys (we had our first trip to the emergency room) and of Ty and I (he is still amazing and I feel like a 40 ton whale, ... already)! So see you soon!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Basement, Kitchen, and more

So things are still moving along, it has been a bit slower cuz we had carpet installed and things like that it is always hard to wait on other people. I haven't got pic of the carpet and stuff yet but here are pics of the basement and few other things.

Laundry Room in the basement. This is looking in from the doorway, to the left will all be shelves and storage space. To the right will be cabinets and a folding table. Nice huh! Oh It sorta feels like a dungeon so I am painting it a BRIGHT sunshine yellow! Should be fun!

Basement painted, looking in from the stairway. The far wall will have a T.V. on it and see how there is a weird step down? Below that will be a love seat. Above the step is going to be computer area/play area. The door that you can see will someday be the boys bedroom but for now they are going to be upstairs. And that room will be a guest bedroom.

Kitchen is nearly complete!! See the countertops are in! This is going to be the backsplash, I fell in love with at the store, now it is a little to perfect of a match but I am stuck with it. (I still really like so it is all good!) It will be a good selling feature if we ever want to sell this house.

Bathroom is DONE! All except for mirror and backsplash. I forgot to take a pic of the tile but that is done too and looks really nice! This is looking at it from my bedroom door.

This is the finished Kitchen coutertop look. We have to still put a few more pieces of wood to cover parts of the cabinets. The backsplash, floor, and then appliances and we will be done with it! I LOVE this kitchen it is SO much bigger than my kitchen in Kuna and I cant wait to fill it with my stuff! This is looking at it from the dinning/family room.

Another angle. From the mudroom. Oh so nice huh!

I hope that this weekend we will be moving some things in and then next weekend April 9thish we will be living/sleeping in this house! SO WAHOOO for us!