Thursday, February 17, 2011

Painted and Staining!

Moving Forward! So we have got the whole upstairs painted and it looks great! The next day we went and got our kitchen cabinets and the bathroom vanity. To save on cost we got unfinished cabinets and bought some stain to do it our selves. The first coat was not the color I was thinking it was going to be so we went back and got an even darker stain and this is how it turned out! I LOVE IT! They are so rich and beautiful I can not wait to get them on the wall. Now trying to find some flooring and countertop that I like is the next step!

Below is what they look like before you stain them then the one on top obviously is what it looks like after.

Do you Love? Who cares I do! :)

Here is the Bathroom vanity, we also got our doors hung! Cute huh!

Doors are proving to be a bit of work since none of the walls in this house are straight! (Except for the part that Ty built, and I am not just saying that because he looks sexy in his toolbelt!)

Ok so here is the paint color in our Master bedroom, this is the closet. I thought the color I was getting was almost white with a hint of this seagreen in it...but what we got is a REALLY seagreen room! It doesn't look so bad in the pic and now I am getting used to it and actually really like it. But at first it was a little shocking!

From the bathroom looking in. Not to shabby eh!

The paint I chose for the walls is like a taupe/light brown. I wanted the walls to be light because so much other stuff in my house (cabinets, most likely flooring, furniture) is super dark brown. I want people to walk into my house and feel like they can breath and not feel claustraphobic, so I went with light on the walls to off set the dark stuff everywhere else. (Do you like Ty sitting there admireing his work:) )

More of the front room! I LOVE this room there is so much natural light and it is so airy. Awh I cant wait to sit in it and read a book!

Anyway so it is coming along pretty nicely and I am excited now because I can be more involved and help out a bunch more! Next on the list is
Hang cabinets
Pick Flooring
Finish Basement
and uh MOVE IN!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

My boys! They are getting so big!

Maddex 4 years old
I can't belive he is getting so old and so big!

2 years old
Do you like his bruise on his head, nice huh!

Best Buddies for LIFE!

Are they adorable or what!
Love these guys SO much!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Maddex on the Mountain!

Our ward does a ski trip every year and we love to go! Last year Tyler and I boarded all night and it was so great! (my folks had the boys in the lodge) Maddex started to get bored so Ty held him and they went up and down the mountain several times and Madd LOVED it! So this year we thought we would get Maddex going on his own. I was a little nervous just because Maddex is pretty much fearless which is great sometimes and other times not so great. So in my mind all I could see was him skiing down the mountain and following the other teenagers off of the jumps! But I need not be so worried because my little man is a PRO! We stuck him up on the "bunny" hill and gave him the instructions on how to go, how to turn, and most importantly how to STOP! After about 4 times down the bhill and not falling he was like "Dad lets go to the big mountain" So we did and he was cruising down like he was born on skis!
Such a stud!

Ya I am skiing no big deal.

He was so funny and he loved when people from the lift above would yell "Go Maddex!" Or something to him. He thought he was pretty hot stuff but as you can see he did do pretty well! I am way proud of him, next year maybe we will see how Jett does!