Monday, March 28, 2011

Basement, Kitchen, and more

So things are still moving along, it has been a bit slower cuz we had carpet installed and things like that it is always hard to wait on other people. I haven't got pic of the carpet and stuff yet but here are pics of the basement and few other things.

Laundry Room in the basement. This is looking in from the doorway, to the left will all be shelves and storage space. To the right will be cabinets and a folding table. Nice huh! Oh It sorta feels like a dungeon so I am painting it a BRIGHT sunshine yellow! Should be fun!

Basement painted, looking in from the stairway. The far wall will have a T.V. on it and see how there is a weird step down? Below that will be a love seat. Above the step is going to be computer area/play area. The door that you can see will someday be the boys bedroom but for now they are going to be upstairs. And that room will be a guest bedroom.

Kitchen is nearly complete!! See the countertops are in! This is going to be the backsplash, I fell in love with at the store, now it is a little to perfect of a match but I am stuck with it. (I still really like so it is all good!) It will be a good selling feature if we ever want to sell this house.

Bathroom is DONE! All except for mirror and backsplash. I forgot to take a pic of the tile but that is done too and looks really nice! This is looking at it from my bedroom door.

This is the finished Kitchen coutertop look. We have to still put a few more pieces of wood to cover parts of the cabinets. The backsplash, floor, and then appliances and we will be done with it! I LOVE this kitchen it is SO much bigger than my kitchen in Kuna and I cant wait to fill it with my stuff! This is looking at it from the dinning/family room.

Another angle. From the mudroom. Oh so nice huh!

I hope that this weekend we will be moving some things in and then next weekend April 9thish we will be living/sleeping in this house! SO WAHOOO for us!