Monday, November 22, 2010

Demolition Time

So Demo is going very well and pretty quickly, we are pretty much finished with all the demo now it is time for plumbing, electrical, floors then sheet rock and we will be off from there!

This is the dinning room for some reason there is a chimney that is stuck in that hole and up through the ceiling but it has since come down as well. I think I am going to extend my kitchen just a little bit and have a nice size breakfast bar about where that wall and trash can are. Then sorta where I am standing to take the picture will be my table.
Bathroom we are completly switching this all around, so when it is done that the bathtub and shower will be on the wall where the window is. (we hope we can move a window above the shower but we will just see how much room we have) Then the vanity will be on the wall of many colors with the toilet either between the vanity and tub or vanity an wall where the door will be. With a big huge mirror above the vanity!

From the back of the house I am standing in the mudroom, and where Tyler's dad is standing is the kitchen looking into the dinning room. (see how that weird chimney wall is gone) It is so much more open too. Oh another bonus is that we were able to raise the ceiling and I cant belive what a HUGE difference that made. It seems so much bigger throughout the whole house!

More kitchen, this is the wall between master bedroom and kitchen, the door way you see is to the bathroom.

Tearing down ceiling and we found a HUGE birds nest it was super nasty!

From where the front door is now looking into the family room and master bedroom. Check out the ceiling, doesn't it make a difference to have that raised!!!

Master bedroom, family room, dinning room, and a little bit of the kitchen.

Look above the window at the massive bees nest!! Yes there was bees frozen in it! This is in th kitchen and can you just imagine cooking hereing this buzzing constantly. UGH! So gross!

This was another bees nest Ty found on the other side of the house! Seriously huh!

Bathroom ceiling is super weird, we thought we could just raise it like we did the rest of the house but this is what we found, slanted? But maybe it will be really cute and add some character, we shall see?
So far it has been super fun to go in and see all the work that Tyler and my dad have done, I cant belive how fast it is going. Hopefully it will continue to go quick! Thanks to Tyler's dad and mom for coming and visiting and helping out too! I cant wait for the day when you can come and visit and have a nice guest bedroom to stay in!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Isn't is Pretty!

Tyler and I have been busy working on our new house! It is a lot of work and we have only just began but I think the end result will be SO cute and the journey to get there will be fun, stressful, worrisome, exciting, difficult, trying, and OH SO many other things! But just look at it..


This is from the left side of the house where there used to be a few cars lots of trash and junk!

This is the right side of the house where more cars, camping trailers, and more junk were.

Living Room/Dinning Room. In the future this will be part master bedroom and dinning room.

Living Room and Dinning Room this door on the left goes into the "Master Room" but we are extending the room so this door will be closer to where Maddex is standingish.

Master Bedroom, doesn't it just scream tranquility! Well at least it screams something!!

The Kitchen! I especially love what they have done to the ceiling! Actually this is a pretty good size kitchen and will be an upgrade from the kitchen I had in Boise if you can believe it. I said "WILL BE"!

More Kitchen

The Bathroom. This is the one and only bathroom in the house which I wish there was one downstairs but it prob not gonna happen. This room will also get some rearrangement and a new window since this one lets in more air than if we left the front door wide open!

Eventually this will be my Laundry Room. Oh look they were so thoughtful to leave their trash behind for us!

This is the front porch that will eventually be the Living Room. The wall and door where Maddex is standing will be torn out and we are making the front door come in from the other side.

I think they were planning on putting a window there or maybe there was a window there and they didn't want it, your guess is as good as mine! Couch for sale anybody want a nasty couch? Just kidding!
All in all it is actually a really cute house and I cant wait to see the finished product and be able to live in MY OWN HOUSE!!!! We definitely have our work cut out for us before we get there, I think by the time we are done Tyler will have learned a ton about each other. He may finally grasp that I usually get my way! hehehehe! As this project progresses I will post more pics!
PS If you want in on this super fun adventure we never turn down help!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Turtles, Skunks, and Dinosaurs OH MY!

Well Halloween was a definite "Treat" this year! Our kids have been talking about this for a whole month, well at least Maddex has. He wanted to be Spiderman (which I promptly borrowed) from the beginning but then he also wanted to be Buzz, Woody, Iron Man, Optimus Prime, a Ghost and anything else he saw at the stores. Thankfully when we got his Spiderman costume he was SOLD he definitly thought that was the coolest thing he could be! My little stinker Jett was a skunk which is actually very fitting wouldn't you think!?

These are all the neices and nephews of ours on my side from Left to right we have Jett a Skunk, Baylee a Witch, Addison Snowhite, Maddex Spiderman, Dax a Red dinosaur (he wanted to be a red dinosaur but it was hard to find so this red dragon became a dinosaur! Shh dont tell him!) and last but not least Rhett a cute little turtle!

Maddex being incredibly silly and not wanting to just smile for the camera!

I love how this little costume makes his bottom look SO big!

Painting pumkins and makeing messes is what these best buddies do best!

He actually didn't do to bad! It was ALL yellow so at the end Tyler drew a cat face on it and he was meowing the rest of the night!