Monday, June 28, 2010

Water, Water, Everywhere!

I LOVE SUMMER TIME AND SUNSHINE! We love going to the pool and we love having the beach close to us! We go to the pool almost everyday (when it is not raining) and the beach has been a blast to explore! For Father's Day this year we spent the day hanging out by the Atlantic Ocean down at one of Delaware's beaches. It was a blast!
He is diving for a ball this unfortunatly ended in a belly flop but he never seems to mind.

Swimming around with his dad!

Jett just sits in his tube and relaxes. He is singing in this picture, he cracks me up with his funny antics!

Brothers and best buddies! I wouldn't have it any other way!

He is such a fish! He has some goggles on and loves being able to go under the water!


Tyler dug a hole and Jett loved just hanging out in it and playing games with us!

Some of the other guys came with us to the beach and they found these weird sand crab things. The locals call them sand fleas, so naturally I let my children play with them! ;) Maddex thought they were the coolest things and had a blast digging them up!

Playing in the sand! Notice how his mouth is a little darker, yeah I think he had a taste! Maddex is in the back digging for more sand crabs, which he did most of the day!

One of Maddex's favorite things to do is race the waves in and back out, well this time he thought he would challenge himself by haveing to get up from a sitting position to get away from the wave. But... uh it was harder than he thought!

Oh boy coming up quick and getting pretty deep!

Ya he was under the water and this is the after pic needless to say he did not try that again!
We are having a blast exploring this new world we call the "East Coast"! It certainly has been an adventure and we are glad to be able to share it together, we are also SO proud of how hard Tyler works so that we can have these adventures! I LOVE YOU TYLER!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Philly Zoo

First things first... ya I am riding a CAMEL! Maddex saw these kids riding a camel and he wouldn't let it go! We walked the entire Zoo and yes he like the animals but he just kept saying "After the (whatever we were looking at) are we going to ride the camel?" Thank goodness it was only 6 bucks so as you can see by his HUGE smile he loved it!

It was very stinky and very uncomfortable and BIG! It was kinda intimidating.

This dang goose wouldn't leave us alone he kept trying to eat Jett's pretzel out of his hand. Jett kept looking at me and saying "Whoa!" He is so cute! (Jett! Not the goose of course)

Checking out the giraffes!

This manly gorilla was sitting right next to the glass just chowing down on some cardboard pizza boxes. He was so big and kinda freaked me out cuz he would look you right in the eye!

This 13 year old new daddy orangutan was so cute he kept playing peek a boo with that green blanket. Maddex thought he was way funny! His wife and new baby were tucked away resting!

Daddy orangutan playing peek a boo with a gibbon monkey

This is at the Barnyard Petting Area and Jett was not so sure about all the animals running around, he stayed pretty close to his daddy.

Maddex of course LOVED this and got to brush the goats.

Jett and Tyler checking out the sheep and more goats, Jett did not leave Tyler's side it was pretty cute!

Me and Jett pretend feeding the ducks, this duck actually tried to eat my wedding ring! If he would have succeeded we would have had roast duck for dinner! Jett held onto my pant leg every time a duck came close to us, it is so funny how different he and Maddex are.

Maddex chase the ducks all over the place! He would lure them to him and then jump at them to scare them. He is ALL boy!

Needles to say the Philly Zoo was pretty fun we got to see some animals I have never seen before and that was way fun for us! I love making memories with my family and watching my kids faces when they are learning and growing from the experiences they have!