Monday, May 9, 2011

Emergency Room and Easter Fun

So April was a fun month (we moved into our own place!) but the ending was by far the most exciting part. We had our first trip to the Emergency Room for an injury (how we have made it this far is beyond me). Here is the story...
Thursday night our family took a trip to Idaho Falls for a few errands and while at Lowes Tyler saw there cute bright red metal shovels (yes I said metal not fun/safe plastic)
Tyler:"Hey Kate lets get these for the boys so they can help me in the yard"
Me: (Flash of them fighting and one getting a big bonk on the head.)"Um I dont think so.
Tyler: "Oh dont worry they need them to help me in the yard"
Me: (Reluctantly) "Ok sure"
Friday, I am getting ready for the evening because I have a fun dinner with my friends (girls night) the boys are playing outside. I had forgotten about the shovels. I am sitting talking to my Mom on the phone when I hear Jett start to cry, not a big deal because he cries outside whenever Maddex pushes him doesn't let him have the ball ect. ect. BUT then I hear Maddex cry/scream so I am bit worried that they both are crying. I go outside and here comes Jett blood dripping down his face Maddex white as a ghost screaming "I am so sorry oh my gosh he is got blood oh my gosh I am so sorry please dont spank my oh my gosh I love you Jett I am so sorry" Anyway to make this long story short Jett was standing in front of Maddex observing him shovel a hole and when Maddex brought the shovel up to throw the dirt somewhere else it hit Jett right between the eyes. I cleaned it up and realized that a bandaid was prob not going to fix this. So off to the hospital we went (I would have gone to my pediatrician but of course it is 5:05 on a Friday so option out). Jett hardly cried after I cleaned him and I put an ice cube against it. Maddex took awhile before he settled down (I was glad he at least felt bad) later I found out that he thought the police were going to come and get him. It was a bit funny. Anyway here is Jett at the hospital getting some numbing medicine on his ouwie.
I think by this picture he was ready to go home and relax for a little bit
The next day. He was back to his normal happy little Jetters! But he did look like something from Star Trek the way his face was so swollen! PS I still made it to my girls night, momma needed a pepsi!

Finding the goodies in their baskets!
Checking out each others loot!
Their Easter outfits New white shirts and ties so cute huh!
Easter Egg hunt at grandmas, all the grand kids waiting sort of patiently!
Wheres my EGG?

Looking for eggs note there is a blue one on the fire place he walked past like 50 times!!!
Whats inside? Candy and coins for their piggy banks! They loved it and we enjoyed the nice weather!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Patience is a Virtue, or so I have been told!

Ok ok so yes I have slacked off for about a month now on the whole blog thing, but I promise new pics of the house (yes we have finally moved in) of the boys (we had our first trip to the emergency room) and of Ty and I (he is still amazing and I feel like a 40 ton whale, ... already)! So see you soon!