Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Few Moments of DC

Ok here is a few shots from DC there are more to come because we took a billion!
Air and Space Museum, I thought this was a cute sign!
Maddex kept saying daddy take a picture of me, so he climbed the pillar to make it a cooler pic!
Yes that is in the Lincoln Memorial Building!
A regular Stud!

This is the only family pic because for some reason Tyler would not ask anyone to take a pic of us (dont ask me it must be a guy thing). So this is sitting on our stroller.
Two cute boys playing in the water very carefully because I threatened their lives if they got wet!
The WWII Monument was beautiful! We are between Idaho and Utah 2 of my fav places to be!
Washington Monument and a cute baby!
The Fam minus Ty because again he wouldn't ask someone to take our pic!
This is in one of the museums it is Julia Child's actual kitchen!!! Kinda cool huh!
Mad and Ty building and figureing something out!
"Some where over the rainbow" But there is no place like home!!! Dorothy's ruby slippers!
Berlin wall! (I think this is a replica but it still is cool)

Big Train that Maddex and Jett thought was so cool! Mad asked "Mommy how did this train drive in here?" Uh.... ask your dad!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


(For some silly reason my computer will not let this picture be straight? So sorry)

Ok so if you ever go to Washington DC among the many things you have to do one thing is going to Georgetown Cupcakes. They actually have a TV show on TLC. So when we went to DC our hotel was like a mile from their shop and I had to go! Boy am I glad I did!!!! These were the best tasting cupcakes I have ever had the privilege of putting near my mouth! I am actually salivating right now just remembering the taste! Ugh I crave them all the time! Red Velvet (my favorite), Chocolate Ganache, Key Lime, Pumpkin Spice, Maple, Birthday Cake, ooooohhhhhh and SO MANY MORE!

The girls working away!

Whoops I forgot to switch this but It is me after I got my order and in front of the shop!

All the varieties you can eat!

The Blond gal is the owner and she is on the TV show! Yep I held the camera next to my tummy and shot this pic cuz I was embarrassed that I was a nerd taking a pic BUT she is on TV!!

This is the line to get their cupcakes it goes around the block!! I waited nearly 35minutes and it was totally worth it!

The Rest of NEW YORK CITY!!

Ahh New York City! It was a quick fun filled day full of lots of adventures and being a dorky tourist not know where we were. Good thing we were not the only ones with maps and cameras in front of our faces. Here are tons of pics from the trip, not in any particular order so just remember that when looking.

This is the view from the Empire State Building, it was pretty cool seeing things from a birds eye view. We were a little sad that it was overcast and raining otherwise the view could have been cooler.

Us just about to go to the top of the Empire State Building, this lobby room was so pretty!

I wanted Tyler to kiss me in Central Park by a light post and of course he wouldn't so I kissed the light post instead. Not as good of a kisser as Ty but as least it didn't shoot me down!

Central Park.... was dirty and not anything like the movies make it look like. But we were running short on time so we didn't really get to spend time here. Someday when I go back I plan to take a book find a beautiful bench in the flower gardens and read for a while!

All the girls showing off our purses from Canal St. Chinatown! Miss these girls so much!!!

It was Tyler's birthday and of course I needed to embarrass him SO at the Hard Rock Cafe in Time Square we sang Happy Birthday to him while he stood on his chair! He totally felt the love!!!

Hard Rock eating Ty's birthday sundae

This was my FAVORITE place in New York! Liberty Island was clean and beautiful. The Statue of Liberty is awh striking, my mouth literally dropped open when I saw her!

We had SO much fun and I am so glad that we could do it together! I am also very glad to have had friends that were willing to watch our boys so we could do this with a little less stress!
Thank You Jon and Lori!!!!!!

This is the aftermath of our quick whirlwind to New York! We were seriously exhausted!!!