Monday, March 9, 2009

Check out my boys!

I just think this is a perfect picture!

Jumping on our new trampoline with Grandpa Poole! Maddex has so much fun when my parents come to visit! He cries for hours after they leave so now they have to sneak out! I think it is kinda hard on them too so it works for both parties involved!

Maddex loves to have baths with Jett, and surprisingly he does really well with him. I am so glad that both of my boys like the water and LOVE to take baths! It is so fun to see Jett kick around and make noises in the tub! Is it just me or does Maddex have a HUGE noggin!

Pics of Jett

Getting ready to burp!

Hanging out in the swing!

Very upset but still oh so cute!

Nakie time!
Maddex really likes to help me cook, so the other day he grabbed his chair pulled it over to the stove and was watching me spray Pam into one of my pans. Jett started crying to so I walked into the next room to calm him down and when I came back to the kitchen this is what I found! Maddex had taken both my cans of Pam and balanced them on the back of the chair! I was so surprised and as he slowly moved his hands away he looks at me and says " Whoa Cool!" with a huge grin of accomplishment on his face.