Sunday, July 26, 2009

More Camping Pics

Maddex is just loving the camera

Jett's "Dungeon"! He liked to just sit and play but the bugs were so bad we had to put a blanket over the top.

Brenna showing Maddex and Ian a "Catherpeeller" caterpillar.

Just hanging out before bed

The sweet hotsprings! This is Me, Ty, Jett, (nephews) Logan, Jonah

"Look Mom no legs" I love this picture, he just looks hilarious!

2nd Camping Adventure

Camping with Tyler's family was a lot of fun this year, his sister's family from Denver came up with their 5 kids and it made it so much more fun to watch all the little ones run around and explore, find bugs, get dirty, and play in the water!

Brenna is the oldest grandchild on his side and she is such a sweetheart, she does so well with all the littler ones!

Maddex fell in a little creek that we had by our campsite so I washed him up and then he had to run around nakie for awhile. My favorite thing is his tan lines, those are just to hot to handle.

We found a little beach by the river and it was great to watch Jett play in the sand and thankfully he didn't really try to eat to much of it. This is his cousin Baya, isn't she beautiful!

There is a hot springs pool at the campground so it is so nice to play in the COLD river all day and get all sandy then jump in the nice clean hot water and get the kids all worn out before bed!

The infamous "ROCK" every year the boys have to jump off this rock no matter how cold the water is or how much they scream like little girls before doing it.

Finding bugs was one of the favorite pass times of all the kids, now Maddex brings me every dang bug he finds! Thanks a lot Croker kids!

Jett once again was such a good little baby, he just played and enjoyed being out doors as much as we all did!

Everyone except for the little kids, moms and grandparents went on a hike the first day. The general consenses was that it was fun, I think they were ready to be back at our camp with normal food and not quite so many mosquitoes. Beware the mosquitoes are BAD this year!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Begining of Camping season 2009

Best Buddies getting ready for some swim time!

They took all the kids (except the babies) for a little hike!

The Moms! Or I mean the sexy ladies!

We had this great hill that the kids could explore on. It was so much fun to figure out what Maddex was going to bring me next. Lots of bugs! Yuck!
We went to some amazing hot springs, they were so beautiful! It had a beautiful water fall and a great pool for the adults that was deeper and a large pool for the kids that was shallower. They were perfectly comfortable and oh so nice to be in while it was raining on us! Thanks Satterlees!

It rained on us a lot so we just hung out in our tent and played! It was kinda fun and very dry!

When the boys decided to go fishing they were kind enough to take the kids with them. So they got ready and headed off, unfortunately they had to cross a log bridge that was over a swampy marsh mud/water spot first. Well our friend Dan has three beautiful little girls and he couldn't carry all of them so he put Isabelle on his shoulders and the other two girls were to follow behind him. While crossing the log bridge the oldest girl Abby almost fell in so Dan leaned over to save her. Sadly Isabelle fell from his shoulders into the Swampy Mud Pit! She went all the way under Dan jumped in and this is how she looked right when she came out. She was a tough little girl she didn't even cry! But the look on her face is PRICELESS!


Jett was such a trooper he loves being outdoors already and was good to just sit and play!

They jimmyrigged a swing in the tree for the kids and they all had a blast!

Doing some "trick"?
Men, getting ready for fishing
Twins? No just best buddies!