Sunday, July 18, 2010

Chocolate capital of the World!

This last Saturday we visited Hershey Pennsylvania, the Chocolate capital of the world! It was one of the funnest things we have done so far. I dont know if it is just my love for chocolate or maybe my love for... nope it was just my love for chocolate! We started our day off by taking a tour and learning how the Hershey chocolate is made, it was the yummiest day of education I have ever had!

First they get milk from the thousands of dairy farms around the town. Maddex did not like these singing cows because he said they were too "noisy".
Here we go!

They heat the chocolate up.

Loading up the chocolate syrup. Yumm!

Millions and millions of hershey kisses go through this process a day!

We got a little chocolate bar at the end and it was very tasty!

This is a small part of what they offer at this blessed place called chocolate heaven!

We rode a trolley tour around the town and learned all about Milton Hershey and how he became the father of chocolate.

Our tour guide Wilbur, he was a hoot!

Pics with Wilbur and our conductor Lydia, Maddex was getting super tired and would not be a good boy for the picture he was being a bit of a pill at the end. Thankfully he zonked out on the ride home and was a happier boy.

It was a super fun day and I was glad we were able to do it with the Apx wives and my friends!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


HAPPY BIRTHDAY USA! This year was one of the funnest 4ths ever, we spent the day relaxing and enjoying our friends company. We BBQ'ed, swam, made a huge slip and slide, then watched a really great firework show.

This pic is the best we could get because neither of our boys were that excited about the fireworks! We were right under the show so it looked like they were falling one us which made Maddex very nervous. He kept saying to me "Hey mom I think we should go home" or he would say "Mom I am getting sleepy lets go home" (Which he never says so I knew he just wanted to get out of there) Pretty soon after much conversation of trust me Maddex we are just fine he settled down and was happy.

Jett does not like loud noises, and so it took him a little while and lots of hugs before he settled down and started enjoying the show. By the end he was clapping and wanted more fireworks!

Tyler and I aaawwhhh I know we are an adorable couple!

Jett enjoying some candy and watermellon before the show started

Maddex and his friend Avery played and played all day together, they had lots of fun!

Friday, July 2, 2010

The New Jersey Aquaruim! Check these Pics out!

My mom and aunt Elaine came to visit and we did some great things but I think of all the things we did the Camden Aquarium was the BEST! Maddex LOVED it! Jett liked it, he was a little scared at first but he soon loosened up. Tyler was also in heaven cuz well you know he loves the animal world and I am glad he was able to go with us!

The first "zone" we did in the aquarium was the hippos, and they were by far my favorite! They came right up to the glass as you can see above! They just starred at Maddex, and let him get so right up to the glass also! It was a little crazy thinking that all was separating a huge hippo from my child was some glass but surprisingly they looked gentle and sweet. (Even though the Discovery Chanel says they are not)

This is the viewing area that was under water, it was incredible to watch them swim!

LOOK HOW HUGE SHE IS!!! He name is Genny and she was HUGE!

Jelly fish they were so pretty!

Scary shark! There was a tunnel that had all sorts of creatures swimming around you! It was hard to get a picture though so here is what we did get a creepy shark!

Sharks mouth, it freaked Jett out a bit! Notice his eyes!

BIG under water viewing area!

Petting some baby sharks! Ya cuz we are cool like that!

Some stingrays which we also got to pet!

Maddex tried to grab one and it splashed up at us, he was not so sure about them after that. It was still really cool cuz we there were TONS of hands on things all the things we touched were.

It was SO great to have my family here, I have missed them so much! Maddex and Jett also LOVED have the extra attention and the goodies around!

Notice how Jett has a death grip on my arm, he was not so sure about this big guys.

They were so pretty! We loved watching them swim and walk on the bottom in their tanks.

By the end Jett was getting super tired but Maddex was wanting more!

Touching some more sting rays!
Thank you mom and Elaine for coming and experiencing this with us! It was a blast to have you guys here! I miss you already and so do the boys! Thanks for everything!