Monday, April 5, 2010


Jett got a heart attack in February! Hahah on Valentines day! He sadly did not feel good most of the month of Feb he got a cold and then got 3 more teeth so it was a long month for him.

While grandma and grandpa were in Hawaii we decided to build a fort in the front living room. Maddex thought that this was so cool. He brought his pillow and his animals in and just played it was great!

Jett on the other hand was not a fan, mostly I think becouse Maddex would block the exits so he couldn't get in and then once in he couldn't figure out how to get out. Do you like the snot in his nose, ya sorry about that!

This is my best friend Chelsea's little boy Keaton, her family is moving to JAPAN!!!! So we have been getting together a ton and the boys really like spending time with their little buddy!

Aren't they just the cutest kids! Keaton is only 4 months older than Jett so they have a lot of fun exploring together!


January was a cold and snowy month but that just meant more fun for the boys. My dad has a four wheeler and the kids LOVED sledding behind it!

We finally go to play in the snow! Dax and Maddex look pretty cute in their snow clothes!

My Mom and I got gift certificates to a spa so we decided to get pedicures together. She left for Hawaii a few days after she got hers, I was a little jealous!!!

Isn't my mom pretty! She is a great person and I love her very much, even if we drive eachother nuts sometimes!

Yes that is Tyler with Maddex in his arms! I know I know we are crazy parents but hey Maddex loves it and he is not afraid of anything!

We visited Tyler's grandma and she has horses that are so beautiful and nice. Maddex was giddy about them!

Jett's eyes were even bigger than they usually are (which is pretty huge)! He wasn't so sure about them until Daddy took him over and let him touch them. Then he just keep going hehehhehehe and pointing.