Monday, November 16, 2009

Halloween was a blast, I love that Maddex is finally getting to understand and realize what was going on. "Hey if I say Trick or Treat I get candy!" This year Maddex was Nemo and Jett was squirt the turtle, they were adorable and they both did really well!

My nephew Dax was a tiger, Maddex thought that he was pretty awesome!


October started off with pink eye then Jett got croupe, then Ty got a severe sinus infection, then Maddex got a double ear infection, then he had an allergic reaction to his ear medication (pic above), then everyone had colds. Let me tell you about sweet little Mad man, he woke up one day and was eating his breakfast just like any normal day when I bent down to kiss him on the head and noticed all these red bumps on his cheeks. I quickly picked him up and looked on his tummy and his back and started to panic when these red bumps COVERED his entire body. I though for sure it was Chicken Pox and then thought how he had been playing with Jett and his cousins all night and that he had infected them as well. So we ran into the clinic they look him over and calm my nerves that it was not chicken pox but that he is allergic to penicillin which is what I have been giving him for a week now because of his ear infection. We got new medicine and came home, the next day he literally looked like a teenager with the WORST acne I have ever seen all over his body!! He wouldn't let me take pictures, he wouldn't look at himself in the mirror, his cousins didn't want to play with him, and it broke his little heart! I cried and got angry but soon I figured I would turn this into a learning experience for all, on how important it is to be nice to EVERYONE all of time. NO MATTER WHAT! It was good for Maddex and I hope it was good for his cousins as well. What a sweet little boy I hope he never has to go through something like that again! It was not a fun month it finally took 3 weeks before everyone was feeling better.