Friday, February 27, 2009

New Words Almost Daily

Yesterday Maddex comes running up the stairs yelling "Mama" so I come to see what he needs and he looks at me in the most serious of looks puts his hand over his mouth and says "Oh My Gosh!" I was taken back and thought to myself is something really wrong or did he just see it on a cartoon and was excited to share a new phrase? Luckely it was just that! Then the day before that he was trying to get his trucks unstuck from something screaming "I cant doet" I say to him you can to do it. He looks at me with such frustration in his eyes and yells "Mommy YOU doet!" All I could do was laugh and then I of course helped him "doet" (do it)! I love all the new phrases he is learning but now Tyler and I have to be careful!

Chubby Baby

I took Jett to the Doc for his 2 month check up and he weighs 11 lbs 7 oz!! Horray I finally have a child that is above the 10th precentile! Maddex didn't even weigh 10 lbs until he was almost 4 months old. So I am way proud of my chunky monkey, he also has grown longer as well. He is now 22.5 inches long. It is so much fun to watch them each grow!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pics from when we blessed Jett

Isn't he SO cute!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Things for the year 2009 are continualy getting busier and busier which is good and sometimes hard too. Maddex is keeping us on our toes! He seems to have figured out that if Mommy is nursing the baby she is not as quick to get up so he can get into all the things he is not supposed to touch! Like my Tide laundry detergent which I found spread through out my entire house, or the baby shampoo when he wanted to wash his toys, or a black pen which seemed like lots of fun to draw on his legs! Oh the list goes on and on! However on the better side of things Jett is lucky for me a great baby, he is sleeping on average 6 hours at night! He is drinking from a bottle really well, so sometimes Ty will feed so I can catch a quick shower or nap or something. Last week we blessed Jett and had my whole famn damily here and it was a blast! I love when my family comes even though my house might feel smaller it is just so nice to be around them! Tyler gave Jett a beautiful blessing, and I couldn't help but feel really lucky and blessed to have such an amazing husband who can do these ordinances for our family! Ty is such a hard worker and is always trying to find new ways to make our lives better! He is breeding geckos so if any of you out there are interested please dont hesitate to open your homes to one of OUR many many geckos! If you have time check out his website, it actually is pretty neat! As for me well just trying to survive and get the laundry down everyonce in awhile. Okay okay I do take some time out each week to watch The Bachelor (Molly is gonna win) and 90210 but you know you gotta have a few minutes to yourself!
Jett is growing like a weed, he is so pleasant and such a good baby! I am very glad that he is so easy going, he seems to sleep the best when it is noisy which is definitly a good thing cuz I have a VERY noisy 2 year old running around! He loves laying in the sunshine and cuddleing with dad! He seems to occasionaly like his tummy too!

Maddex and I made sugar cookies one night, he had lots of fun playing with the dough and using the cookie cutters. He kept trying to eat the flour (I think he thought it was going to be powder sugar) and then cuz it didn't taste good he would swish it off the counter making a huge mess of himself and the floor!