Monday, May 31, 2010

So one of my life long dreams was to attend a MLB game, and for Mother's day my sweet and incredible husband made that dream come true! IT WAS A BLAST! I smile the entire game I teared up a bit when I walked to the bleachers behind home plate! I couldn't belive how HUGE the stadium was and the atmosphere was in a word... BASEBALL! It was the best mother's day and it will be hard to top!

Big statue that Maddex thought was way cool!

Up high so you can see the whole field!

Behind home plate!

Family pic behind home plate!

The Phillie Phanatic! I was in pure bliss the whole day!

Playground by our apartments, super fun!

The road trip from Idaho to Philly was not to bad the boys did really well and it was fun to see the countryside!

How did our parents do it without DVD players? Honestly we would never have made it!

Summer Plans!

So since our planning was just a way for Heavenly Father to say uh na uh I am in charge! So now our plans are to go with a few friends to sale security systems for the summer in Philadelphia! And here we are! We love the expiances we have had and continue to have, the east coast is completly different (they really should have split our country in to the west and east) but surprisinly friendly. Tyler is working hard everyday and continues to surprise me and people around him with his ambition and abilities! He is incredible and I am very lucky! So wish us luck! And we will see you in September!