Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2 little teeth popped up

Can you see them there on the bottom? 2 little teeth! So this is why my usually happy, sleep through the whole night baby was not sleeping at all and was very crabby!

Mmm gotta love green beans! He is LOVING food!

Some cute pics

Baylee, Maddex, Addison, Dax, and Jett (not so excited) I have been able to watch my nieces 2 times a week while their mom and dad work, and it has been so much fun! Maddex loves to play with them and he is showing Dax the ropes and getting dirty together! They are all best friends and it is a blast to watch them with eachother.

Ty took this pic with his camera and it turned out so nice! What a handsome little man!

Jett is getting so big! He is such a happy baby and is always good to give you a smile! Except of course when you want him to for a picture! Oh well it still turned out nice!

Here is my happy little baby! He loves his tubbies!

Fort "Sort"

So since we have moved to my parents Tyler is not working so that he can spend some time with us before he leaves. But if you know Ty he doesn't really know how to not work, so he with a little help from my dad and Maddex started and finished this Fort/swingset in about 2 weeks! It is incredible, and all the grandkids love it! Maddex doesn't say his "f" sound very well it comes out as the "s" sound so we nicknamed the fort the Sort. Now the projects Ty is working on are my dad's barn building shelves, organizing my dad's junk (or I mean "stuff"), and fixing my mom's closeline. I think my parents are glad he is here becouse he is getting things done that they have been trying to do for some time!

This is the begining stages
Almost done

AND FINISHED! It is pretty cool huh! complete with swings, steeringwheel, slide, pully, and heater!