Sunday, December 28, 2008

Jett 2 days old

Maddex 2 days old

Pretty crazy huh! Can you tell they are brothers?
Tyler was having fun with his new camera


How fun is it to be more excited than your son is that Santa came! I dont think I slept a single wink Christmas night just of pure excitement! I couldn't wait to see how Maddex reacted to the gifts Santa left for him! (Well that and I was up a bunch feeding Jett) Maddex got a big wheel bike, and a grow with me basketball hoop those were probably his favorite things! Jett got some bath toys and a small tonka truck! It was lots of fun! Then we went over to Tyler's parents for some good breakfast sweet rolls, his moms specialty on Christmas morning! We spent the day over there and were lazy, it was perfect! The cousins all played with their new tractors Jett slept really well, I even got to take a nap. Yep life is good!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Another exciting thing happend to us on December 9th (the day after Maddex's birthday) we welcomed Jett Neil Hone to our family! Once again I went in for a regular check up and my blood pressure was through the roof (preclampsia again) so they sent me straight over to the hospital and said "Looks like you will be having a baby tonight!" And I DID! Jett weighed 5lbs. 12 oz. and was 19.25 inches long. He was born at 10:31 that evening and all went really well, I will tell you what the second time is SO much easier! He is a really good baby, he eates really well and sleeps like an angel (thank goodness)! Maddex loves him and wants to hold him all the time, so far he hasn't gotten jealous and I am really glad. Well sometimes he gets a little jealous when Tyler holds him but that is to be expected I suppose.

So a lot has happend since the last posting and here is an update...
Maddex turned two and we had a very fun birthday weekend for him! We went to the "Elmo Makes Music" concert with our friends Dylan and Tracie Hatfield and their son Dawson who is 2 months older than Maddex, so that was a blast! Maddex and Dawson both were a little bit somber at first (I think it is because Elmo was life size) but after a few minutes they were both dancing, laughing and just having a good time! We did Maddex's birthday cake as an Elmo face this year, if you haven't noticed he is going through an Elmo phase right now. We celebrated his birthday at Granny and Papa's house with all the cousins, it was a lot of fun!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

#1 This is all the kids enjoying the horse Grandma and Grandpa got Maddex!

#2 This is Maddex either trying to get on his bronco or trying really hard to not get bucked off?

#3 This is Mad finally able to enjoy his horse and believe me he LOVES this thing. He will sit on it and watch almost an entire movie! (unless he gets bucked off of course)

The kids were so good Baylee and Addie stayed back until I said they could help open the gifts and then they were a BIG help!
Since I am hopefully going to have a baby somtime this month I thought it best to not travel to far again after Thanksgiving, so we did a mini celebration of Maddex's 2nd birthday (which is actually not until the 8th) with this side of the family before we left. I wanted to thank my brothers and their wives for all the gifts and fun we had, and especially to my mom and dad! We love you all! Here are a few pics of the event!

Doing what Grandma does best, SPOIL her grandkids! So this is probably 9:00 at night and my beautiful mom is feeding Maddex snacks before he goes to bed! This one of the reasons Maddex LOVES coming to Grandma's house!

Maddex and Grandpa love to be outside together, they looked at the lawnmower, the neighbor's horses and just had fun.

We were with my side of the family for Thanksgiving this year it was really nice to see everyone and Maddex loves being there with Grandma and Grandpa! These are Maddex's cousins on the Poole side Baylee is 3 Addison is 18 months and Dax just turned uno! They are lots of fun and play really well with each other!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Family Pic! (Ya ya I know I look a little heavy, I am having a baby lay off!!!)

Just the boys in their own little worlds!
Right to Left Jaxon Hone, Ian Croker, & Maddex! These boys are a best buds Jax is only 6 months older than Mad and Ian is 4 months younger than Mad. So they are a bunch of rowdy boys when they get together!
To cute huh! He was having way to much fun playing in the water with his cousins one day and wouldn't hold still long enough for me to put his swim diaper on, SO this is what we have! A very soggy bum!
Papa and Maddex fell asleep one night while the other adults were playing cards. Priceless!
Okay so these are going to just be some random pictures from 2008. This is Maddex and Uncle Justin doing tricks for the kids in Ohio. We visited Tyler's sisters family in April, we had lots of fun and it was great to see some of the sights and things.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Here is a rear view of the costume. This is a pic taken at Granny and Papa's house, they watched him while Ty and I went a party with our friends. Thanks Granny and Papa!
Maddex was a dragon for Halloween and loved his costume! He has a tail and wings and whenever we would have to put him back in the car we would have to take the top part off because he didn't fit into his car seat, he would SCREAM! "No Off, No Off" He did not want to take his costume off!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008

So I broke down and started a blog!

Yes dont be shocked, but I had to break down and start a family blog! All my wonderful friends have them and I realized how fun it is to be able to see the pictures and read the little blurbs about what is going on! Plus this will be nice for our families to read and see everything as well. As of right now our lives are pretty hectic Tyler is working VERY long hours and doing such a great job at still being an amazing husband and father! Maddex is a SERIOUS monster latley he loves to test his mom and loves to show how smart he is by figureing out how to do things that I had no idea he could possibly open, do, move, lift, well you get the idea. He loves spending time with his dad and as soon as he hears the garage door open he is at the back door waiting for Ty to walk in! He and Tyler share the same strange passion for amphibians and reptiles, so that has been fun for Tyler to teach Mad all that he knows! As for me I am two months away from being a mom of two, I still think I am in a bit of shock! But very excited as well, I cant wait to see if this new little boy looks more like my family or Tyler's family. I am getting Maddex's new room ready and getting things in order for the new baby. We are busy but very happy! It is amazing how if you have a positive attitude and faith to know that things always work out a smile just seems to come over your face!