Monday, June 22, 2009

Child for sale!!

Blond hair, blue eyed, pure bread adorable male 2.5 year old little boy. He is great with kids, loves being outside and loves to cuddle at night. He is a great companion for any grandparents out there who may be lonely. He is not house trained. Price is negotiable depending on how my day has been with him some days could be free others could be priceless. Today is FREE!!! Let me know if your interested. Then I will probly turn your offer down because he is just to cute and even though he drives me crazy I wont ever sale him. See post below for further understanding of this post!


Ok all you moms out there here is the background. 3 months ago I started Maddex potty training, yes the first few weeks were a disaster (to be expected right) then it was like a light clicked on and he got it. He was having very few accidents in the week and never ever had a pooing accident. That lasted oh maybe 2 weeks then I dont know what happened but he now has absolutly NO problem peeing or pooing where ever he is standing at the moment. He will be standing there talking to me and just pee? Or he will be playing and just crap his pants?? I am done with it. I thought maybe he was just trying to test me to see if I meant business about this whole potty thing so I have been very consistent, however, it has failed! I have tried rewards, punishment, ignoring it and nothing seems to make him even remotly care if he pees or poos in the potty or not. So here I am after just cleaning up 4 large droplets of crap off my floor about ready to cry and most definitly ready to give up! Anyone have any magic or tricks up their sleeve that I might be able to try, it would be a great blessing to pass that on to me. Thanks a million!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

June is here!

Jett has been sitting up for about a month now and he loves to be able to finally see the world. And watch Maddex do his thing

Jett fell asleep on our bed the other day and when I came back upstairs to check on him this is how I found him!

We were watching an episode of "The Backyardigans" and they were cowboys. Jett just happened to be sitting in his jumper horse, so Maddex of course thought they needed to be cowboys too! He grabbed Tyler's hat and was a cowboy for half an hour!

We were bored one day and so we just decided to have fun with the camera