Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pretty Rad

Doing a little service work and what do I get? I get beat up by a fence! Dont ask!

Monday, April 6, 2009

My Cute Little Round Heads!

I just love these little rounds heads, and big blue eyes! I am so excited for the days when these two can just play with one another and have fun getting in to dirt and just being boys!

We had a few of our friends over a few weeks ago and kids loved to take rides in the wagon. This is Bailey Ward, and Tavin Jones.

Gosh I love looking into this beautiful face all day! He is big enough now to be in the jumper and he LOVES it! He also really likes to sit up and see things, so I will sit him and barracade pillows all around him so that he doesn't fall over. He is growing up so fast I cant believe he is almost 4 mths old.

Watch the Show

Maddex was holding Jett on the couch while watching some Disney show and he didn't understand why Jett was not watching it as well! So he tried to turn his little head so he could "Watch Show too!" Jett of course still did not care for the show but was a good little brother and did what his older brother asked.

AAAHHH RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!! It is the attack of the slime monster!!

Nope just kidding Maddex LOVES Vicks Vapo Rub! And that is what is all over his face. When he gets sick I always put a little over his nose when he sleeps, just so he has a clear breathing passage and it makes his nose not get so red from wiping it all the time. SO in turn every time he gets even the slightest runny nose he thinks he needs this stuff on it. Obviously he got a little carried away this time.

Maddex and Austin brought their bikes to the park and had a blast riding them, Austin is a really good sport and they took turns riding one anothers bikes.

We went to the park with our friends Stacy and her little boy Austin (who is 1 month older than Mad and they love to play together). Maddex was in heaven exploring all the places he could and shouldn't go. He climed to the top of this ladder and the look on his face was priceless. If I could read his mind this is what I think it would have been saying..
"Whoa cool I did it! ... Now what? hmm how am I going to get down?"

P- pee pee or poo poo
O- outrageous
T- time consuming
T- tireing
We have started to potty train Maddex and I have to admit that he has done better than I expected however, I did not expect that I was going to have to clean my bathroom walls every day. (I am so glad I am not a boy and can just sit all the time) But even when he sits he hits walls! This is him waiting for it "to work" so he just sits and draws until it "works" as he puts it.