Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Halloween Fun

Halloween felt like it was 4 days long this year we started by Maddex's preschool party on Thursday, then our ward party and trunk or treat on Friday, Tyler and I had an adults only party on Saturday, Sunday was full of eating all the candy and then finally it was Halloween on Monday and we visited the great grandparents and a few family friends. It was a busy holiday this year!
Super hero family! Batman and Robin, Bumblebee and Optimus Prime from Transformers!
Princess Ariel (our niece Baylee) holding little kitty Savanna! She was so good at holding her even though she was a wiggle worm.
Jett was holding Rhett against the wall so we could try to get some pic of all the cousins.
Big Brother helper Maddex Prime he loves his lil sis even if her pretends to be to cool for her.
All the kiddos Maddex Prime, Jett Bumblebee, Rhett Nemo, Addison Princess Tiana, Dax Prime, Baylee Princess Ariel, and Savanna a little kitty!
My children are so photogenic huh!
Her shirt say "Daddy thinks I am Purrrrfect", and it has a cat on it! She was not amused.
Going to preshcool!

We kinda had a hard time getting Tyler to dress up but in the end he was a good sport and it was so much fun to let loose and play around!

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